Age Group

Atleast 16 years old




About Us

Est. 2020,
multiple platoon structure

1st Platoon, Red Devils: Prioritising more conventional infantry tactics. Head on fighting and utter obliteration. Learn how to fight with a well coordinated and fun platoon.
Lead: Dark - 3k Hours.

2nd Platoon, Black Templars: The Eternal Crusade.
Lead: Nyk - 5k Hours.

3rd Platoon, Iron Wolves: There is no such thing as a lone wolf. A platoon built upon teaching team strategy and communication.
Lead: Galloglass - 1.5k Hours.

20th Hussars Armour Squadron: Players who have committed themselves to mastering armour, with expertise in the use of MBTs and IFVs. Find your dream tank crew here.
Lead: Swingfire - 1k hours in Armour.

No. 230 Squadron: The home of Skira's pilots. Our instructors will take you through our challenging officer cadet program. Those that pass training go on to be our pilot officers, some of the most skilled helicopter players in the game.
Lead: Psycho - 1k hours in Aviation

We Offer

• Experienced leaders and new players alike to communicate, coordinate and conquer alongside.

• We will take the time to train you to master areas of Squad to a high level of skill.

• Rank and class progression for those who seek to give back to the community and those with ability.

• Units of likeminded players within Skira to bond with, including infantry, armour and aviation groups.

• Private events, including training, skirmishes, and scenario based operations.

• Fun daily play sessions!

We Are Looking For

• New and experianced players alike.
• Communicative and team oriented mindset.

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Skira Squad

Operation Skira


We are looking for

New and experianced players alike.
Communicative and team oriented mindset.



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